Everyone Is Dressing Like Romy and Michele Right Now

How much do I love Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which turns 23 years old today? Let me count the ways: The girl-power pop soundtrack! The bizarre and too-long dream sequence! Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino's virtuoso comedic performances! Alan Cumming at his most Alan Cumming! But the thing I love most about this […]

Every glamorous outfit often features a very clever undergarment

What lies beneath: Every glamorous outfit often features a very clever undergarment… and smoothing lumps and bumps has never been easier From smoothing briefs to controlling shorts these are the underwear must haves Try control shorts by American brand Spanx to hide any hip-related insecurity Smooth briefs from next.co.uk can completely rid any VPL-related concerns  […]

Beyonce’s Super Bowl Outfit Reminds Us Of Her Coachella Look In This Way

No, Queen Bey isn’t performing at the Super Bowl, but she is making an appearance in the audience. That’s nearly as good, right? And of course, she’s doing so in glamorous fashion, turning the stadium into her own personal runway in the quintessential Beyoncé Super Bowl outfit. The Ivy Park designer accompanied her husband and […]

Want a new outfit for every occasion? Just swish* one!

Want a new outfit for every occasion? Just swish* one! That’s the fashionably green trend for clothes swap parties — where you trade unwanted pieces for a new look Baroness Jenkin says Swishing is the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe  The Conservative member hosted her first clothes swap party eight years ago  She says her fashion frugality […]

ASOS is selling an outfit that makes you look like a baseball

It features the same contrast red stitching as the skirt. You might think it’s actually the perfect outfit for your next fancy dress party but a £55 for the skirt and £65 for the top, you might be better with the old sheet-as-a-toga trick The baseball co-ord set is part of the first Ivy Park […]