Number of people dying of Covid falls by 99% since height of pandemic

Britain’s coronavirus wards stand empty as number of people dying of Covid plummets by 99% since height of pandemic NHS England data shows staff were treating 17,000 patients a day in mid-April But data shows that figure has now dropped to 700 patients a day as of August 6 Coronavirus death figures in hospitals have […]

Pet Parents Say This No-Spill Water Bowl Is Perfect for Messy Dogs

As wonderful as dogs are, there’s no denying that taking care of them can be a messy undertaking. From shedding-prone breeds to overeager pups who are capable of destroying furniture, even the cutest dogs can wreak havoc sometimes. So it’s no wonder that Amazon shoppers constantly search for products that might make cleaning up after […]

Venezuela forces people caught without coronavirus masks to do hard labour

VENEZUELA is forcing people caught without face masks to do hard labour in an extraordinary punishment as the country tries to fend off coronavirus. A video leaked online by the socialist regime shows three residents being forced into community labour after being spotted in public without face masks in Torbes, a municipality in the western […]

Over a million people live in subterranean tunnels in China

China’s rat tribe: Over a million people live in subterranean tunnels 50 years after Chairman Mao told them to ‘dig deep’ to survive cold war Low income workers known as the ‘Rat Tribe’ now occupy the tunnels which cover an area of 30 square miles Construction of the underground city, dubbed ‘The Dungeon’, began in 1969 […]

This Foot Peel Is So in Demand, More Than 26,000 Bottles Sold in a Day

Come summertime, blackhead-removing products and oil-fighting tools fly off shelves — fitting, considering what all that heat and humidity can do to pores and sebum production. And while getting down a good seasonal skincare routine for your face is certainly important, establishing a good “foot care routine” is just as pertinent. After all, it’s sandal […]