Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Drama Continued Even *After* Filming Wrapped

When it comes to Peter’s Bachelor season, the drama never ends — and that goes doubly so for his finale. Though Peter’s final rose ceremony was filmed in late November 2019 while he was in Australia, ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that the season was "pretty unresolved" because "a lot of stuff went down […]

Peter’s ‘Bachelor’ Finale Could Include One Last Major Twist

By the looks of the teaser for Part 2 of Peter’s Bachelor finale, Madison will return to the show after leaving him brokenhearted. Though it was a difficult decision, she chose to self-eliminate when she realized that her and Peter’s values were simply too different. But now, it appears that she has some regrets. Before […]

Peter's Mom Confronted Madison About Her Fantasy Suite Ultimatum

Well, team, we’ve learned a lot about Peter Weber’s family tonight, including the fact that they’re totally okay talking about their sex lives with each other—to the point where they even had Madison explain the whole fantasy suite situation to them within the first few minutes of seeing her. Casual! After Peter and Madison tell […]

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters split after 12-day marriage

They almost made it two weeks. Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters have separated after tying the knot just 12 days ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The former “Baywatch” star has asked for a “break.” “I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union,” said Anderson, 52. “We would be very […]