Prince Andrew lawsuit 'will cast cloud over Queen's Platinum Jubilee'

Prince Andrew lawsuit ‘will cast cloud over Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’: Royal experts warn monarchy ‘could be damaged when it should be rejoicing’ when key moments in rape case are heard days before celebration Civil case of rape and sexual assault is to go ahead as quickly as possible All disclosures and depositions should be completed […]

Prince William dons polo neck at Earthshot Prize

Looking to the Milk Tray Man for style inspiration? Prince William stepped back in time in a sixties-style black polo neck and velvet jacket for first ever Earthshot Prize Prince William, 39, opted for a very bold outfit for first Earthshot Prize Awards Royal donned a green velvet jacket with a slinky black polo neck […]

Prince Harry and Meghan's trade in hippy hypocrisy

Prince Harry and Meghan’s trade in hippy hypocrisy: Sussexes team up with ‘ethical’ investment bank and will share in its profits… but (surprise!) the fund is not quite as pious as advertised Facebook — a force for evil? It’s one of the great questions of our age, with the Silicon Valley behemoth accused of everything […]

Prince Harry Calls for an End to Drilling in Africa’s Okavango River

Prince Harry is advocating for one of the most important natural resources in Africa. In an open letter for The Washington Post, the Duke of Sussex called for an end to corporate drilling in the Okavango River, a body of water that, according to the prince, has “nourished humans and wildlife in Southern Africa for […]