The major Knicks questions following Steve Mills’ demise

Knicks president Steve Mills was fired Tuesday. In six-plus season’s as either the team’s president or GM, the Knicks were a league-worst 178-365. The move does raise some questions: 1. Why fire Steve Mills two days before the trade deadline? James Dolan had decided to fire him eventually, so he wanted Mills’ hands off the […]

Five pressing Mets questions Luis Rojas will have to answer

Here are five questions new Mets manager Luis Rojas will face at his introductory press conference on Friday: 1. Is Edwin Diaz the closer, and what is the plan to get him right? Diaz flopped in his first season with the Mets, but team officials aren’t ready to give up on him. 2. How will […]

These 50 Questions Will Basically Make You Rethink…Everything

Remember when you’d have slumber parties with friends, and you’d stay up way past your bedtime? There was always that point in the night where the conversation would shift from gossip about the cute boy in math class to something totally mind-boggling, like that you’ll never see your own face in person. (Yeah, sit with […]

6 Questions Netflix's 'The Society' Needs to Answer in Season 2

[Warning: spoilers for Netflix’s The Society season one, ahead.] If you’re like me, you’ve binged the entirety of Netflix’s new teen dystopian drama The Society even though it’s only been online for one day. Harry (Alex Fitzalan) is your problematic fave, you hate Campbell (Toby Wallace) with a burning passion of a thousand suns, and […]

Ocasio-Cortez questions Congress’ planned rebuke of Omar’s remarks

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday questioned the Democratic leadership of the House for planning a public rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements, saying no such action was taken when Latinos and others were attacked. “One of the things that is hurtful about the extent to which reprimand is sought of Ilhan is that no […]