Boris Johnson sparks furious row with recycling industry

Furious recycling industry claims Boris Johnson has ‘completely lost the plastic plot’ after the PM tells school children recycling ‘doesn’t work’ and will not solve the climate change crisis Prime Minister Boris Johnson sparked a furious row with the recycling industry The PM told schoolchildren recycling ‘doesn’t work’, won’t solve climate change Recycling Association accused […]

Britain's biggest model railway costing £150k is set to go on display

Britain’s biggest model railway is set to go on display: Man, 53, spends £250K over six years to painstakingly recreate train junction in Yorkshire from 1983 that was his favourite childhood spot Simon George, 52, has recreated the Heaton Lodge Junction in West Yorkshire, in scale model form  As a child he spent his school […]

All 11 Wes Anderson Features Ranked, Worst to Best (Photos)

With ”The French Dispatch“ hitting theaters, here’s a look at his oeuvre to date Ranking the films of Wes Anderson might be a fool’s errand because, in some respects, his films are all closely related. He makes light comedies about melancholy characters, creating exceptionally detailed productions with, more often than not, incredibly breezy plots. Anderson’s […]

18 Year Old Tennis Star Emma Raducanu Named The New Face Of Dior

Tennis star Emma Raducanu will be a Dior ambassador, having signed on with the company just over a month after winning the women’s singles title at the 2021 US Open. The news comes shortly after the 18-year-old became the face of Tiffany & Co. in a deal worth an estimated $2.7 million. Raducanu has had a […]

Scene at the Netflix Walkout Rally to Protest Chappelle Show

Trans Netflix employees and activists took to the streets near the streamer’s Hollywood office Photo by Matt Petit Dozens of trans employees and LGBTQ supporters assembled outside of Netflix’s offices in Hollywood. on Wednesday for the “‘Stand Up’ in Solidarity” organized by trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston. Preston and others addressed a crowd of roughly […]