Queen Elizabeth’s Rare Bentley Goes On Sale For $250k

Fans who have an appreciation for fine cars can actually own one that was not only fit for a Queen, but was actually used by the Queen. The very rare, dark green Bentley Mulsanne that was once owned by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself is set to go up on the auction block. The […]

Rare Bentley once owned by Queen Elizabeth on sale for $250K

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Fisherman catches rare one-in-two-million BLUE lobster

Fisherman catches rare one-in-two-million BLUE lobster off the Cornish coast before releasing it back into the sea Tom Lambourn, 25, from Newlyn, caught lobster off Cornish coast of Penzance Skipper photographed the rare creature before letting it go back into the sea  Blue lobsters acquire colour due to abundance of a protein from a genetic defect […]