Sorry, Liz… Dua Lipa really is Versace's new queen of the safety pin

Sorry, Liz… Dua Lipa really is Versace’s new queen of the safety pin 25 years after Hurley’s iconic dress Donatella Versace made Liz Hurley famous with her iconic safety-pin dress 25 years ago. Now her latest muse, Dua Lipa, is winning fans among a new generation in similar style. Three weeks ago, the pop star, […]

Where fast fashion REALLY ends up

The fast fashion graveyard where Britain’s second-hand clothes go to rot: Footage reveals mountain of waste in Ghana as BBC report warns ‘years of dumping Western cast-offs has created this environmental nightmare’ BBC Africa report highlights horrifying reality of Ghana’s ‘fast fashion mountain’ Country receives UK’s second-hand clothing and it is resold in the markets […]

This really should be the last blanket school lockdown

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. In June, Victorian Children’s Commissioner Liana Buchanan told our social affairs editor, Jewel Topsfield, that “what children tell us … is not going to school really increases their isolation, it increases their anxiety, for many it leaves them feeling completely disconnected from education … If we […]

What REALLY happens to your skin when you sleep in your make-up?

What REALLY happens to your skin when you sleep in your make-up? Experts warn that forgetting to cleansen can lead to breakouts and eye infections and even premature ageing Skincare experts reveal how sleeping in your make-up can cause damage to skin Warned forgetting to cleanse can cause premature ageing and skin irritation Dr Catherine […]

Did Queen Elizabeth Really Congratulate North Korea Publicly?

North Korea’s notoriety in managing relations with the west is well-known, especially after a war of words with former U.S. President Donald Trump. The center of interest has been Kim Jong Un, who rose to power as the country’s new Supreme Leader following his father’s death in 2011. Per The New York Times, North Korea […]