CNN reporter denies passing on information

CNN reporter denies passing on information from Britain’s former US ambassador and ‘lover’ Lord Darroch Michelle Kosinski, 46, blamed leaks within Trump’s own circle for her exclusives  Trump ordered an investigation into whether Lord Darroch leaked information  Mother said: ‘There is a great deal wrong and false with what is being reported’ The glamorous reporter […]

BBC reporter rushed to marry before the 15-person rule introduced

We brought forward our wedding to marry in front of 30 guests: BBC correspondent reveals how he rushed to tie the knot and beat Government’s new 15-people rule being introduced today BBC Correspondent Colin Paterson, 45, married Louise Blyth, 37, in Nottingham  Couple bought forward ceremony with only four days notice to avoid new rules  […]

Boston news reporter stabbed while working in city over weekend

Ted Williams describes crime and violence in US cities as a ‘war zone’ Former D.C. detective and Fox News contributor Ted Williams reacts to spike in violent crime. A Boston-based news reporter was stabbed while working in the Copley Square area of the city over the weekend, according to police and reports. WCVB-TV’s Ted Wayman […]

BBC reporter thrown to ground in Beirut explosion during live interview

A BBC reporter screamed in terror as the Beirut blast threw her to the ground while she reported live — the camera rolling as broken glass scattered around her. Journalist Maryam Toumi was conducting a live interview Tuesday when her office started shaking from the initial rumbles before the main blast that killed at least […]

One reporter, two executions — and haunting last words

Daniel Lewis Lee executed, marking the first federal execution in 17 years Daniel Lewis Lee has been executed in Indiana, marking the first federal execution in 17 years TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Daniel Lewis Lee, a condemned man and convicted murderer, was asked if he wanted to make a final statement from the execution chamber, […]

Fox News reporter is trapped inside car after he 'shoved' woman

EXCLUSIVE: Fox News reporter is trapped inside his car by dozens of Black Lives Matter protesters after he ‘shoved’ woman in Seattle’s CHOP zone – as one climbs onto hood of car to demand he apologize Fox News Correspondent Dan Springer was trapped in his car in Seattle after he allegedly shoved a protester, […]