Role model was so much more than a designer

Carla Zampatti believed that if you felt good in your clothes you could conquer the world. With the clothes she designed, Carla empowered women. It was all about making them feel confident. She wanted women to feel great about themselves so they could go out into the world and achieve what they wanted. And the […]

Naya Rivera’s final role: Catwoman in upcoming ‘Batman’ movie

More On: batman Michael Keaton on playing Batman again: ‘I’m not being cute’ The ‘Snyder Cut’ is here — so what’s different about this version of ‘Justice League?’ Michelle Pfeiffer’s whip stunt in ‘Batman Returns’ gives Twitter whiplash Senator tapped to preside over Trump impeachment is ‘Batman’ star Naya Rivera’s final role has been revealed […]

Angelina Jolie’s Buzziest Role Yet? Empowering Women Beekeepers

Angelina Jolie is saving the bees and supporting women at the same time. The actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian was named the “Godmother” of the 2021 Women for Bees program, made in partnership with Guerlain and UNESCO, which will train women beekeepers from all over the world and empower them to be entrepreneurs. The 30-day program […]

How Daniel Kaluuya’s Role In Judas And The Black Messiah Changed Him

British actor Daniel Kaluuya captured audiences with his starring role in Jordan Peele’s 2017 thriller Get Out. But, despite how well he performed in the film, Kaluuya was still slighted by other Black actors for telling the story of racism in America, a country he isn’t native to. “I tend to wonder what that movie […]

What is the role of gas in a green economy?

In the second part of our series Future Power, we explain why the government wants more gas, and we ask, how clean is natural gas – and what is its future in Australia? The Tomago aluminium smelter outside Newcastle received a special visitor in September. Prime Minister Scott Morrison wanted to outline how he would […]

An Iconic Mean Girls Role Almost Went To Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s career is anything but ordinary. Over the past two decades, the prolific actress and sometimes producer has popped up in the high-profile likes of The Thing, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and Birds of Prey just as often as in weirder, smaller stuff including Faults, Swiss Army Man, and Death Proof (via IMDb). Winstead certainly isn’t […]

Lily James's next role is as a bank robber who dressed as a man

No need to lock up your Hollywood husbands… Lily James’s next role has NO romantic interest as she plays bank robber who dressed as a man Lily James’s (pictured) next screen role involves no romantic interest as she will play Peggy Jo Tallas, a Texan outlaw who held up a string of banks in the […]