Animal welfare campaigners say shoppers should switch to small eggs

Animal welfare campaigners say Britain’s shoppers should switch to smaller eggs for their breakfasts – because producing big ones is too painful for the hens British Hen Welfare Trust is appealing to consumers to switch to smaller eggs  More than half of eggs laid by commercial laying farms are large or extra large But research […]

Did Joe Biden accidentally say the n-word?

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has been accused of accidentally using a racial slur during a public appearance. Biden appeared to fumble during a speech at the Virtual Munich Security Conference on February 20. Some viewers took to social media to claim the president said the n-word as he was outlining the work Germany and the US […]

How to make Siri say ANYTHING when you plug in your charger

‘Thank you, daddy!’ Technology expert reveals how to make Siri say ANYTHING when you plug in your charger – and programs a very cheeky phrase into his own iPhone TikToker Kaan shared the iPhone trick with his 4.4 million followers  Using the Shortcuts app, iPhone users can easily program Siri to speak when a charger […]

What did Heidi Cruz say in group texts about going to Cancun?

TED CRUZ came home from Cancun on Thursday after facing backlash for fleeing Texas as a snowstorm left millions in the state without power or water. A series of text messages appear to show the Lone Star senator's wife, Heidi Cruz, talking to neighbors about a getaway to Cancun as the state suffers the worst […]

What did Meek Mill say about Kobe Bryant in his new song?

RAPPER Meek Mill has come under fire for his 2021 collaboration with Lil Baby. It's after he made a reference to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant's tragic passing. What did Meek Mill say about Kobe Bryant in his new song? Meek Mill has been in the news for all the wrong reasons so far […]

Sources say 'no way back to official duties' for Harry and Meghan

Royal sources say there is now ‘no way back to official duties’ for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the couple agree to 90-minute tell-all Oprah TV special Queen ‘set to ask to relinquish their links with and Royal Family organisations’ Harry will potentially be stripped of his three remaining honorary military titles   Meghan would […]

GOP senators say House impeachment managers are ‘losing credibility’

More On: impeachment Trump impeachment lawyer Schoen says he will expose ‘hypocrisy’ of Democrats Dems resume opening arguments on Day 3 of Trump impeachment trial Trump impeachment trial: Day 3 schedule, time and how to watch Sen. Mike Lee objects to ‘false’ evidence shown at Trump impeach trial WASHINGTON — Republican senators appeared to be […]