Selfish protests were a disgrace – we’re all in this together

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Most Australians would have been blissfully unaware of the large and angry crowds gathering on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t until the protests turned ugly that the images and footage spread like wildfire on social media. News websites and TV […]

‘Foolish, selfish’: US swim star slammed for refusing vaccine

American swimmer Michael Andrew has been vocal about his refusal to have a vaccine before the Tokyo Games. Now, as the reality of the COVID situation at the Olympics starts to hit, former US swimmers are calling him out for putting the health of the powerhouse Team USA squad in peril. Andrew is a curious […]

Am I selfish for thinking about my love life while my mum fights cancer?

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE met a girl who I’ve really fallen for. We’ve been talking and videoing every day for the past five months. Because she’s studying to be a vet at university we agreed we wouldn’t meet up until she’s finished her dissertation. She’s 23 and I’m 25. She has now finished and we’re both desperate […]

Selfish motorists are told to stop using roads as a dump

Crackdown on rubbish drivers! Selfish motorists are told to stop using roads as a dump… as fly-tippers are caught throwing trash at side of a motorway Special teams from Highways England risk their lives collecting roadside litter  The agency has backed the Daily Mail’s Great British Spring Clean campaign Group said that litter diverts time […]

Are employees selfish if they continue to work from home?

Is it SELFISH to keep working from home? People who are established in their careers are ‘only thinking of themselves’ while younger staff suffer from lack of face-to-face mentoring, GMB critic claims Sally Jones and Paris Petgrave debated issue on Good Morning Britain today   Journalist Sally,  Warwickshire, feels ‘young will suffer’ from lack of leadership    Entrepreneur Paris, […]