14 things you should never wash your face with

Skincare routines are great, but there are some things you should never wash your face with — even if your favorite celebrity or Instagram influencer swears by it to achieve their glowing complexion (spoiler alert: they often spend a lot of money for that fabulous skin). While some people opt for the Korean beauty-inspired 10-step skincare routine, […]

Why you should wear sun cream INDOORS during lockdown

Why you should wear sun cream INDOORS during lockdown: SPF protects skin against UV rays which penetrate windows and ageing blue light emitted by phones and computer screens, expert claims Candice Gardner, of Dermalogica, recommends sticking to daily SPF regime While sun is shining, important to protect skin while exercising or shopping  Claims harmful UV […]

Why you should leave your shoes OUTSIDE the house during COVID-19

Why you need to leave your shoes OUTSIDE your house: Infectious disease specialists warn COVID-19 can survive on soles for up to five days – and reveal how to clean them properly Georgine Nanos is a general practitioner from San Diego, California She said shoes are potential carriers of coronavirus and should be left outside […]

Coronavirus test should be as cheap as 'morning latte', says economist

Coronavirus tests should be as easy and cheap as a ‘morning latte’ to overcome the crisis, says top economist American economist Paul Romer said tests should be as easy to buy as ‘latte’ The professor believes kits should be available to pick up from drive-throughs He said it would help the economy to recover as […]