What is ABC's new show Queens?

NEW television series, Queens, focuses on four former hip-hop stars as they work to reclaim their fame. The show premieres on ABC this Tuesday, October 19, 2021. What is Queens about? A new musical drama, Queens focuses on four women who were known as hip-hop legends in the 1990s. The plot shows the women, now […]

AMANDA PLATELL: Channel 4 show 'My First Threesome' leaves me aghast

AMANDA PLATELL: It’s a sin for Channel 4 to stoop to such depths with its ‘gruesome and exploitative’ new show ‘My First Threesome’ Like many who lost friends during the 1980s to HIV-Aids, I wept watching Channel 4’s It’s A Sin, the brilliant but heart-rending portrayal of what it was like for gay men with […]