Viral video shows man stop in outside lane of M1 for a wee

A BRAZEN motorist stunned fellow drivers on the M1 when he stopped his car on the outside lane to have a wee. Dashcam footage of the oblivious driver captured the moment he got out of his car and relieved himself as other vehicles whizzed past. The mind-boggling incident took place in 2018 but the clip […]

Promising Young Woman shows men aren't the only violent sex

Thelma & Louise for the MeToo generation: Promising Young Woman shows men aren’t the only violent sex… and its tipped to win Oscars for star Carey Mulligan and its dazzlingly talented writer Sparked anger at last year’s Sundance Film Festival amid shocked audiences  Promising Young Woman described as ‘Thelma & Louise for #MeToo generation’ New […]