Singing ice cream man is doppelganger for Donald Trump, locals say

Singing albino ice cream man in Pakistan is absolute doppelganger for Donald Trump, locals say An ice cream man in Pakiston has been dubbed Donald Trump’s ‘doppelganger’ The man, from Sahiwal in Punjab, is in his mid-40s and has albinism  People have shared video of him singing a song in Urdu as he serves ice […]

Mulan review: no singing, romance or comedy but just like the original

MULAN ★★★PG, 115 minutes, Disney + Fans of the animated Mulan from 1998, fear not. This expensive live-action version from Disney has everything you remember and more. Well OK, it doesn't have singing. Forget the songs you grew up with: they didn't fit the vision of director Niki Caro from New Zealand (Whale Rider), who […]

Government to ban SINGING when musicals return says Lord Lloyd Webber

Government wants to ban SINGING when musicals return to the West End says Lord Lloyd Webber because of fears that it spreads coronavirus The composer reveals he has had talks with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden Lord Webber, 72, says he is unimpressed with current government advice Theatres have been closed since the coronavirus lockdown began […]

Baby Shark singing toys sell out in 3 days on Amazon

toys (Photo: David J. Phillip, AP) Parents who were hoping to pick up a baby shark singing toy on Amazon, sorry to disappoint you (or perhaps be the bearer of good news?), but they’re all sold out. Just three days ago, WowWee toy company (who also make the popular Fingerlings toys) announced that they would be […]