The Aerials, Slides And Wipeouts Of Skateboarding’s First Olympics

Skateboarders have their first-ever chance for an Olympic gold. The men’s street competition began Saturday, giving audiences their first taste of the rebel “anti-sport” on the global athletics stage. Women’s street begins Sunday, and the park competition for women and men debuts August 3 and 4. Two of the Olympic’s youngest stars will participate in […]

Skateboarding’s Cardinal Rule: Dare to Be You

Jordana Bermúdez for The New York Times As a vehicle for freedom and expression, for individualism and community, skateboarding delivers. All it takes is four wheels and a board. We asked photographers across the country to document how skateboarders come together to foster community. Text by John Branch They’re gathering in odd corners of the […]

The Berrics Gets SkateGoat to Host "Do a Kickflip!" at Venice Beach

The Berrics has signed on Leandre Sanders, SkateGoat, for the third installment of How To Turn Pro In 10 Days, roaming around Venice Beach in California to call on random strangers to do the “Do a Kickflip!” challenge — originally made viral by Eric Koston in 2018. The video measures at a little over the […]

Skateboarding star Jeff Grosso dies at 51

Fans, friends, and family are mourning the death of skateboarding legend Jeff Grosso. The sports world is also grieving in light of the tragic loss. While, sadly, there have been other stars we’ve already lost in 2020 – with some even succumbing to the coronavirus – at the time of this writing, the cause of Grosso’s death is […]