15 Flirty Texts To Send During The Talking Stage

Being in the “talking” phase of a relationship doesn’t get enough love. Sure, things aren’t official yet because it’s early days, but everything’s heightened because every single thing is new. You’re getting to know one another, seeing if you vibe, and discovering if those feelings are going to grow into something more. It’s all great […]

Trump May Be Planning To "Pre-Emptively" Pardon His Kids

Since the start of his term in 2017, President Donald Trump has enjoyed the immense power of his position. But recently, based on various sources, it seems as though he’s focused on one power in particular: his pardoning privileges. After granting former national security adviser Michael Flynn a pardon on Nov. 25, the president has […]

Jordan Fisher & Ellie Woods’ Disney World Wedding Looked So Magical

2020 has been a less-than-magical year, but Jordan Fisher and Ellie Woods’ Disney World wedding still managed to look like a dream come true. On Nov. 21, the Disney Channel alum and his clinical nutritionist partner tied the knot in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park after nearly four years of dating. The two exchanged vows […]

Is Bad Bunny Engaged? He Finally Addressed The Rumors

Bad Bunny has given fans a lot to discuss in 2020: his iconic Rolling Stone cover, the "Yo Perreo Sola" video, and three whole new albums. This year, he also went public with his relationship with his long-time girlfriend. But is Bad Bunny engaged to Gabriela Berlingeri? In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bad […]

These 4 Zodiac Signs Love Starting Drama & This Is Your Official Warning

You don’t have to go through life creating drama. You could make the conscious decision to navigate through existence without causing conflict, sailing smoothly, and leaving the world behind in peace. But where’s the fun in that? Conflict makes things interesting. Without it, no stories would be gripping, no dreams would be worth following, and […]