Ten inches of snow sweeps across the Alps

Early winter in the Alps: 10 inches of snow sweeps Swiss and Austrian mountains a month before it’s due… leaving authorities scrambling to clear roads Montana, southern canton of Valais, experienced 25 centimetres of snowfall – new record for this time of year The change came after a sharp drop in temperatures and heavy precipitation […]

The end of snow days? Remote learning could be new way of life

How schools are prepping for students amid coronavirus pandemic Fox News’ Jedidiah Bila takes us inside school reopening plans. School from your home computer means no commute for students. Distance learning is creating a new misery for kids – no snow days. The Early College of Arvada 7th grader Alonso Betancur-Garcia couldn’t take advantage of […]

Garth Snow holdovers making huge impact on Islanders’ playoff run

Once upon a time when Bill Parcells walked out the door in New England after chafing over his lack of control over personnel issues, the two-time Super Bowl winning coach uttered memorable words. “If they want you to cook the dinner,” Parcells said in January of 1997, “at least they ought to let you shop […]

Chocolate "Snow" Covered A Swiss Town After A Lindt Factory Malfunction

The internet is freaking out over the photos. In what is perhaps the most whimsical news of the year, it was snowing chocolate in Switzerland earlier this week. On Tuesday, Aug. 18, the Lindt & Sprünglii company confirmed reports of chocolate “snow” dusting the ground surrounding its Swiss manufacturing plant. The internet responded with a […]