South African soldiers fire rubber bullets to enforce social distancing

South African soldiers trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus fired rubber bullets at hundreds of grocery shoppers in Johannesburg to keep them a safe distance apart, photos taken Saturday show. The soldiers were deployed to a Shoprite in the Yeoville neighborhood, where a crowd of a few hundred had gathered outside the store, […]

Two US soldiers are killed in raid of ISIS stronghold in Iraq

Photos show US special forces during mission to clear ISIS cave complex moments before two troops were killed – as former Iraq envoy Brett McGurk blames Trump’s drawdown for ‘increasing the risks’ to soldiers Two U.S. service members were killed on Sunday as they accompanied and advised Iraqi security forces on a fierce raid of […]

Soldiers tear snakes faces off and drink their blood in bizarre ritual

US and Thai troops have torn the heads off snakes and drunk their blood in a disgusting ritual during training. Soldiers are learning how to survive in the jungle, and also peeled the skin from geckos before eating them alive. It is happening at a training camp in Chanthaburi, in southeastern Thailand, reports . […]

At least nine Turkish soldiers are killed in 'Russian airstrike'

At least nine Turkish soldiers are killed in ‘Russian airstrike’ on their positions in Syria Soldiers reportedly attacked in Idlib by regime forces and nine have died Others have been critically wounded and have since been taken to hospital Idlib was made a de-escalation zone in 2018 in which such acts are prohibited  Nine Turkish […]

Syrian, Turkish soldiers trade deadly fire in Idlib

Istanbul: Syria and Turkey inched closer to all-out war on Monday as their troops exchanged deadly fire for the second time in a matter of days in Idlib, a contested and ravaged northern province that is the last major rebel redoubt remaining in Syria's nine-year war. Rebel fighters fire a missile towards Syrian government positions […]

2 US soldiers killed, 6 injured in Afghanistan ‘insider attack’

Two US soldiers were killed and six others wounded in Afghanistan in a so-called insider attack by a local soldier firing a machine gun, military officials said Sunday. The Afghan soldier in full military uniform had argued with the US troops before launching his deadly attack in eastern Afghanistan’s province late Saturday, officials said. The […]

Communists-hunting soldiers killed in Philippines

Manila: Six Philippine soldiers have been killed and 23 others wounded when a platoon checking on reports of an infiltration by Communist rebels stepped on improvised bombs as they negotiated hilly terrain in the central eastern part of the country. The military said troops had been sent in on Monday after civilians had complained of […]

New ISIS fears as ‘thousands of fighters waiting to rise and attack’

A wave of car bombs sparked fears of a massive Islamic State uprising as Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish-controlled Syria gathered pace. One targeted Kurdish fighters at a restaurant in Qamishli, killing one and injuring five people. It is believed thousands of IS fighters in sleeper cells have been waiting for the Kurds to be diverted […]