Lando Norris says sorry after downplaying Lewis Hamilton win record and lashing out at 'd*******' Stroll after crash

LANDO NORRIS has apologised after downplaying Lewis Hamilton's record-breaking achievements at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Hamilton went past Michael Schumacher's record of 91 race victories after winning at Portimao on Sunday. However, the Brit's success did not appear to dazzle fellow British F1 driver Norris, who suggested the 35-year-old's Mercedes should be winning every race […]

Stassi Schroeder: Sorry! I Didn’t Realize I Was Racist!

Back in June, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired from Vanderpump Rules amid allegations of racism. Faith Stowers, a former cast member on the show, claimed that she was singled out for harassment by her two senior co-stars simply because she was black.  Schroeder and Doute called the police on Stowers and alleged that […]

Sorry — abolishing the Electoral College is still a terrible idea

Let’s face an ugly possibility: President Trump could get elected again without winning the popular vote. ­Indeed, according to most experts, that’s the only way he could be re-elected. This would surely prompt another chorus of calls to scrap the Electoral College. I think that would be a mistake. I say that even as I […]

Sorry: A progressive fascist’s threat isn’t going to silence me

This month, someone left an anonymous note on my home, and on several lampposts around my block, telling me to delete a tweet the stalker didn’t like. The printed black-and-white note added the leftist refrain “hate has no place here” and accused me of celebrating the deaths in the explosion in Beirut. Of course I […]

Sorry, boomers: Millennials and younger are new US majority

ORLANDO, Fla. — Sorry, boomers. Millennials and their younger siblings and children now make up a majority of the US population. A new analysis by the Brookings Institution shows that 50.7% of US residents were under age 40, as of July 2019. The Brookings’ analysis of population estimates released this summer by the US Census […]

Police sorry for not stopping all-night rave because it was 'too big'

Police apologise for not breaking up all-night rave where 1,000 revellers paid no attention to social distancing rules saying it was too big to shut down Revellers took to the streets in Bristol keeping families awake with loud music Police were warned as the event started but only attended three hours later By the time […]

SUSANNA REID: Sorry, Boris, it's terrifying to get back in the saddle

From red carpet to real life…SUSANNA REID: Sorry, Boris, it’s terrifying to get back in the bike saddle Susanna Reid was inspired by Boris announcing ‘a golden age of cycling’  British TV presenter who lives in South London, braved cycling in the city She says cycling routes that work across the country are needed for […]