What hope for free speech at our cradles of learning?

Thoughtcrime on campus: As a professor is vilified by students and even her own union for saying sex is a biological fact… top historian DOMINIC SANDBROOK asks: What hope for free speech at our cradles of learning? At first glance, Professor Kathleen Stock seems an unlikely freedom fighter. Crop-haired and soft-spoken, she appears far too […]

Queen's speech focus on Carrie's animal welfare and climate passions

The Carrie effect: Queen’s speech focuses on environmental passions of PM’s fiancee including law to recognise animals’ feelings, tough climate targets and crackdown on sale of foie gras Queen’s Speech focuses on a range of issues dear to Carrie Symonds’ heart Environment and animal welfare measures at the heart of legislative agenda Several bills protect […]

Queen's Speech: Ministers to introduce recycling deposit return scheme

Queen’s Speech: Ministers WILL introduce a 1960s-style deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and cans which could see shoppers handed 20p for every one they recycle under plans for green ‘revolution’ Ministers confirmed in Queen’s Speech they will rollout deposit return scheme Scheme for bottles and cans could see shoppers handed 20p for recycled items […]

Universities face free speech fines under Tory war on 'cancel culture'

Tory war on ‘cancel culture’: People denied a platform by universities will be able to seek compensation in the courts under government plans designed to make campuses places where ‘freedom of speech can thrive’ The Conservatives opened a new front in their war on ‘cancel culture’ today, unveiling a new law forcing universities to protect […]