Kamala Harris’ victory speech walkout song explained

Kamala Harris greeted ecstatic crowds in Wilmington, Delaware, beaming from ear to ear. “When the soul of America was at stake,” she addressed the crowd. “You ushered in a new day for America.” The vice-president-elect has never lost an election before, and there’s a good argument to be made that with every election she’s won […]

Free speech rally attacked by counter-protesters in San Francisco

A free speech rally organized by conservative activists in San Francisco quickly devolved into chaos and was immediately canceled Saturday when several hundred counter-protesters showed up and attacked those gathered. Right-wing group Team Save America planned the rally to protest Twitter, charging that the social media giant squelches conservative speech after it censored The Post’s […]

Obama can give a speech, but it’s not enough to lift Biden: Goodwin

In December of 2007, Washington Post columnist David Broder began a column this way: “Barack Obama has become a one-trick pony. But what a trick it is!” Broder went on to summarize the rookie senator’s marvelous stump speech in the presidential race. He called the performance “a thing of beauty, a 40-minute oration delivered without […]