Free Speech Is Dying! | Perez Hilton

We will defend the right of stupid people to ignore facts and share idiocy on social media. Will U? This and much more on our latest podcast! CLICK HERE to listen to The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker or hear it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or directly at Related Posts Source: Read […]

Trump's farewell speech according to his longtime spoofer Alec Baldwin

‘When hundreds of thousands bad hombres show up in your suburbs and towns … then you’ll be saying “Sir, we need you back right away”’: Donald Trump’s farewell address, according to his longtime spoofer Alec Baldwin Trump’s expected farewell speech has been mocked by Alec Baldwin  Baldwin imagined the president warning Americans they will be […]

Victory for free speech at Cambridge University

Cambridge academics win free speech row as rebels vote down university chiefs’ plan to force them to be ‘respectful of the diverse identities of others’ Cambridge dons opted instead to support ‘tolerance’ of differing opinions They backed amendments making it harder for speakers to be ‘no-platformed’  Revised guidelines ensure right to express ‘controversial or unpopular opinions’  […]