Moment killer cop stopped Sarah Everard on street

Moment killer cop stopped Sarah Everard on street: Chilling dashcam video shows Wayne Couzens with murder victim in Clapham… as he used Covid laws as ploy to ‘arrest’ and force her into car Footage shows Miss Everard on the pavement with depraved Met officer moments before he kidnapped her  Couzens cuffed hands behind her back, […]

Why Cameron Diaz Stopped Acting & How It Led to Benji Madden Marriage

Diaz’s last film role was in 2014, but she’s still been very busy since then. Cameron Diaz has been living it up since she stepped away from the acting world in 2014, venturing into new businesses, getting hitched and becoming a mom. Appearing on Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Heart” talk show on Peacock this week, […]

Matt Damon Says He Stopped Using Homophobic F-Slur Just Recently

Matt Damon says he just recently stopped using the homophobic f-word slur — this after his own daughter had to put him in check … with a detailed thesis of sorts on why it’s bad. The actor did a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times that was published Sunday, and among the many topics discussed […]

Erased hotel CCTV stopped Delta outbreak probe in its tracks

For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. CCTV footage that could have explained how the Delta variant of COVID-19 seeped into Melbourne was deleted, meaning a key method of investigating a hotel quarantine leak was unable to be used. In previous outbreaks, such as the one at the Holiday Inn in February, CCTV […]