Alabama students attend ‘COVID-19 parties,’ gamble on who gets sick first

Students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama are reportedly attending “COVID parties” where attendees gamble on who will get sick first, according to local officials. City Council member Sonya McKinstry testified on Wednesday that a series of previously reported parties were all part of a morbid game that included intentionally inviting COVID-positive students in an attempt to intentionally […]

Students allowed to sit missed GCSE and A-Level exams in the autumn

Students unhappy with their GCSE and A-Level grades will be allowed to sit tests in the autumn Students’ grades from the autumn series will be based on exams alone There will be no coursework except in art and design qualifications, Ofqual said It comes after the summer exams were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Top universities warn students will lose their place if they defer

Top universities warn students will lose their place if they defer in an effort to avoid half-empty courses and a drastic drop in tuition fee income New research says over 40 per cent of sixth-formers are considering deferring Universities told teenagers to start their degrees this autumn or lose their places Means students may enrol […]

Students complain they are not getting value for £9k tuition fees

Students complain they are not getting value for their £9k tuition fees in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and lecturer strikes, research shows Students complained of ‘massive gap’ in learning while paying full tuition fees Annual Student Academic Experience Survey questioned over 10,000 students Numbers reporting ‘good or very good value for money’ declined […]

First year university students say they 'feel robbed' by coronavirus

First-year university students say they feel ‘robbed’ of the fresher experience by coronavirus – and claim being back home with their parents has ‘left them in a bad place mentally’ First-year students explain how their university experience has been taken away  Student at the University of York, Eloise Turner, 19, said it was ‘very upsetting’ […]

Oxford students doing exams slam videolink exams as intrusive

Students doing Oxford exams on videolink from their bedrooms complain that invigilators and tutors should NOT be allowed to see their ‘private space’ Oxford classics students say room sweeps and web cams are ‘intrusive’ Faculty confirmed exams would be taken over Microsoft Teams starting Friday Invigilators will undergo mandatory ‘camera sweep of the room’ before test […]

Most college students willing to return without coronavirus vaccine: poll

Nearly two-thirds of college students said they would go back to classes if their colleges reopened in the fall — even if there is no coronavirus vaccine or cure, according to a new Axios/College Reaction poll. The findings suggest that despite their likelihood of being close together in packed lecture halls, most students would rather […]

Students in Wuhan, China’s coronavirus epicenter, return to class

About 57,000 Chinese students wore masks and underwent thermal scans Wednesday as they filed back to class in the coronavirus epicenter city of Wuhan. “School is finally reopening!” one student posted on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like messaging platform, according to Agence France-Presse. “This is the first time that I’m so happy to go back to school, […]