East London: Supermarket shelves cleared as engineers find burst pipe

The San Pellegrino panic! Hipsters clear supermarket shelves of bottled water after taps run dry in East London – as engineers locate 100-year-old burst pipe (but can’t FIND IT beneath the flooding) Supermarkets’ bottled water aisles were stripped bare in east London last night  Thirsty Londoners were left without water overnight due to burst water […]

Supermarket ‘Karen’ destroys wine display over COVID-19 precautions

Another “Karen” has been caught wine-ing over social-distancing measures. A UK shopper was so incensed over a supermarket’s coronavirus safeguard that she ransacked a wine display, as seen in wild closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage first posted by the Telegraph and other UK outlets. The video was recorded at the height of lockdown in May — […]

Eight in 10 supermarket chicken breasts 'show fatty white stripes'

Eight out of 10 supermarket chicken breasts show fatty white stripes that can increase fat content by 224 per cent, survey reveals Birds are bred to grow unnaturally fast with little opportunity or ability to move As a result typically lean breast meat is being marbled by fatty white stripes Not only are the chickens […]

Supermarket sales rise slows as pubs and restaurants reopen

Supermarket sales rise slows as pubs and restaurants reopen after grocery shopping saw record highs during lockdown Supermarket sales for month to July 12 grew by 14.6% against same time in 2018 It slowed down from 18.9 per cent growth in June, the figures from Kantar shows Monthly grocery market share stats show sales growth […]

Iceland supermarket adopts Chester Zoo penguins to help save park

Iceland supermarket adopts Chester Zoo’s penguins to help attraction raise funds and save it from permanent closure after bosses were told it must stay shut ‘indefinitely’ due to Covid-19 – as public donations hit £2.3m Supermarket Iceland have adopted a rookery of penguins from Chester Zoo  The zoo launched a campaign last week as they […]

Supermarket prices soar to their highest level in three years

Supermarket prices soar to their highest level in three years after lockdown surge in demand for groceries Research shows supermarket price inflation reached highest level since 2017 Experts said the price rises were mainly due to a cut in promotional items  Tesco led the big supermarkets with prices leaping 2.6 per cent year-on-year  Here’s how […]