Charlie Hebdo suspect told police he was 'targeting the magazine'

Charlie Hebdo suspect was targeting magazine: Jihadist, 18, said he slashed two journalists with a meat cleaver in Paris because he was angry about Prophet Muhammad cartoons being republished A man and a woman were seriously wounded with a cleaver in Paris on Friday  The attack took place near the site of the 2015 Charlie […]

Swedish murder suspect on trial after genealogy DNA match

Swedish double murder suspect goes on trial after police matched him to crime scene DNA on a genealogy website Daniel Nyqist is charged with 2004 murder of a woman and eight-year-old boy He confessed to the killings after he was arrested based on DNA evidence Change in Swedish law allowed authorities to search in a […]

Madeleine McCann prime suspect linked to sex attack on German girl, 10

Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian Brueckner is linked to sex attack on German girl, 10, a month before British toddler vanished Christian Brueckner has been linked to a sex attach on a beach in April 2007 A German woman, now 23, has claimed she recognised Christian B from TV  She said her attacker grabbed her and […]

Suspect in Portland fatal shooting has been killed: reports

Portland shooting suspect reportedly dies during arrest The New York Times reports that Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed when a federal fugitive task force moved in to arrest him. An Army veteran and Antifa sympathizer who was said to be a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Patriot Prayer supporter in Portland, Ore., last […]