Taliban leader Abdul Baradar appears on TV to deny rumours of death

I’m not dead! ‘Moderate’ Taliban leader Abdul Baradar appears on Afghan TV to deny rumours of shootout in the Presidential Palace with arch-rivals in ‘terrorist faction’ Abdul Ghani Baradar had not been seen for days since rumours of in-fighting He reportedly got into a fight with Khalil Haqqan from a rival terrorist faction But the […]

Confrontation between Taliban factions at presidential palace rumoured

Kabul: Friction between pragmatists and ideologues in the Taliban leadership has intensified since the group formed a hard-line Cabinet last week. The Cabinet is more in line with the Taliban’s harsh rule in the 1990s than their recent promises of inclusiveness, said two Afghans familiar with the power struggle. The wrangling has taken place behind […]

The moment the Taliban attack a journalist

The moment Taliban fighters attack a journalist for interviewing a woman at protest against regime for seizing 3,000 family homes to is troops Radio journalist was reporting on protests when he was beaten up by the Taliban He was speaking to a widow protesting over an eviction order in Kandahar today 3,000 families were given […]

Taliban execute an unarmed prisoner in 'conquered' Panjshir Valley

The moment Taliban fighters execute an unarmed prisoner in the ‘conquered’ Panjshir Valley where ‘at least 20’ civilians have been killed for helping resistance Taliban accused of butchering civilians in the Panjshir Valley after capturing it  Video appears to show the moment one man was shot dead beside a road  At least 20 civilians have […]

Taliban deny leader Mullah Abdul Baradar is DEAD

Taliban deny leader Mullah Abdul Baradar is DEAD – but can only produce an audio recording as ‘proof’ after wild rumours of gunfight in presidential palace swept Afghanistan Taliban forced to deny rumours that deputy leader Mullah Baradar is dead   Comes after wild claim that he had been shot dead during a confrontation at Kabul’s […]

Taliban: Women can study in gender-segregated universities

DC politics taking credit for military evacuations in Afghanistan: Army vet Foreign policy analyst Cory Mills comments on Afghans attempting to flee Taliban rule after U.S. withdrawal. Women in Afghanistan can continue to study in universities, including at post-graduate levels, but classrooms will be gender-segregated and Islamic dress is compulsory, the Taliban government’s new higher […]

Taliban dismiss idea of women in government: 'They should give birth'

‘A woman can’t be a minister – they should give birth’: Taliban dismiss the idea of female ministers as they ‘prepare to hold government inauguration on 9/11 to TROLL the US’ Spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashim made the comments to TOLO News He dismissed the notion of women in government, saying that allowing a woman to […]

Taliban beats protesters and arrests journalists at women’s rally in Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan: After being shut out from the Taliban’s new government, women increased pressure on Afghanistan’s new rulers with a number of protests, at least one of which was broken up by Taliban fighters who whipped some demonstrators and arrested local journalists. The protests came on Wednesday, a day after the Taliban announced an interim […]