One in ten products in Poundland are no longer priced at £1

One in ten products in Poundland are no longer priced at £1 as retailer reports boost in sales despite Covid pandemic Poundland reveled one in ten sale products no longer being told at traditional £1 Shifting away from being a single-price retailer after a rise in half-year profits  Bosses said also managed to reduce rents by […]

Kings of Candyland: The Ten Richest Chocolate Brands In The World

  Due to the surge in chocolate buyers with every passing year, the cocoa market has simultaneously improved in terms of sales as well as popularity. There are several medical debates on how chocolate affects health. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac, which is something that induces a feeling of happiness. However, excess of […]

Masked gunmen kill ten Afghans working for mine-clearing charity

Masked gunmen kill ten people working for British mine-clearing charity championed by Prince Harry after going ‘bed-to-bed murdering staff’ in Afghanistan The murdered Afghan workers were clearing mines with the Halo Trust charity Attack came at around 10pm local time on Tuesday in northern Baghlan province James Cowan, who runs the charity, confirmed 10 workers […]