More than 1.5m NHS operations were delayed or axed last year

More than 1.5m NHS operations were delayed or axed last year as Covid pandemic wreaked havoc in hospitals, report reveals Total surgical procedures fell by a third in 2020 compared to previous years  Experts projected this shortfall will increase to 2.4million operations by 2022 It has lead to avoidable deaths and plunged millions of patients […]

Cremieux to More Than Triple Retail Store Count in Five Years

Cremieux has ambitious plans to significantly expand its retail footprint. The French men’s brand founded by Daniel Cremieux in Saint-Tropez, France, in 1976, added two new stores in Europe during the pandemic and will open another two boutiques in the U.S. this summer and next spring as it moves toward its goal to have 30 […]

More than 1,000 fortune-seekers flock to South African village

‘Diamond rush’ grips South African village as 1,000 fortune-seekers flock to the area after shepherd discovers unidentified gems People from across South Africa have flocked to KwaHlathi village in the country’s KwaZulu-Natal province The influx comes after a local shepherd found an unidentified stone on Saturday and put the word out Some believe the stones could […]

More than 100 missing, feared dead after Nigerian boat sinks

Lagos: More than 100 people were missing and feared dead after a boat with more than 165 passengers, including women and children, broke up and sank as it was travelling in Nigeria’s northern Kebbi state. Twenty-two people had been rescued and five bodies recovered, including a baby, according to Sani Dododo, chairman of the Kebbi […]

Fewer than 1 in 3 people say they understand lockdown rules

Fewer than a THIRD of Brits say they ‘completely’ understand the current UK Covid lockdown rules UCL survey of 960,000 found fewer people understand lockdown rules now  People over 60 and those with lower incomes reported higher understanding Study also showed people are now more stressed by finances than Covid  Fewer than one in three […]