The Umbrella Academy Boss Unveils All 10 Episode Titles for Season 3

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Ranking 'The Umbrella Academy' Siblings By How Lovable They Are

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy introduced viewers to the Hargreeves siblings — a motley crew of superhero siblings struggling to save humanity from doomsday…while bickering like children and searching for individual fulfillment. The show flips the superhero genre on its head — presenting everyday humans gifted with superhuman ability, as opposed to unattainably altruistic saviors who […]

Kate Walsh Reveals Her Favorite 'The Umbrella Academy' Outfits

In The Umbrella Academy, Kate Walsh plays an in-charge, relentless, goal-oriented individual who is seemingly lacking in any degree of human compassion. Her character, The Handler, uses people as pawns — all are devices in fulfilling a dream that places her on top of the world (in control of the Temp Commission). With a role […]