Who is Lindsay Hartley? The truth about Justin Hartley’s first wife

Chrishell Stause’s divorce is the storyline of Selling Sunset‘s third season. Although her ex Justin Hartley has never appeared on the show, Chrishell’s claim that she was blindsided by their split dominated the season. In one episode, she said that she found out that he filed for divorce because Justin told her via text. “45 minutes later, the […]

The adorable story of how Eric and Courtney Waldrop really met

TLC’s hit show Sweet Home Sextuplets introduced the world to Courtney and Eric Waldrop and their brood of adorable children. Watching them juggle nine kids as well as jobs and everything else life throws at them has compelled audiences for years, not least because of just how cute the little tykes are. The other major […]

The Bachelorette Stunner: No, Clare Crawley Did Not Pout, Whine and Quit!

According to a brand new and mostly reliable report, Clare Crawley is NOT a quitter. She’s not a spoiled brat or a nuisance on set or someone that flat-out refused to continue filming her upcoming season of The Bachelorette, either. By now, we’ve all ready The Bachelorette spoilers, right? We’ve seen all the allegations about […]

Psychologist reveals the little-known syndrome people suffer at work

Psychologist reveals the little-known ‘syndrome’ thousands of employees suffer at work – and how to beat it before it ruins your career Psychologist Sabina Read said many are impacted by imposter syndrome  This is known as the inability to believe in your own success, abilities or worth While imposter syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis, it […]