Thousands of Black Lives Matter protestors head for London's Hyde Park

At least 15,000 Black Lives Matter protestors including Star Wars actor John Boyega pack into London’s Hyde Park – as British police chiefs say they are ‘appalled and horrified’ by George Floyd’s death Black Lives Matter protest underway at Hyde Park in London is second major demonstration in UK so far  Stand Up To Racism […]

Thousands march chanting 'death to fascism' protesting Catholic mass

Thousands march chanting ‘death to fascism’ in protest at Catholic mass being held to honour Croatia’s Nazi collaborators killed after the Second World War The protests were held in Sarajevo, Bosnia where the Mass was being held Thousands protested to demonstrate their anger, despite coronavirus measures The service provoked outrage from most political parties and […]

Rishi Sunak warned thousands will lose livelihoods unless he extends self-employed coronavirus bailout scheme – The Sun

RISHI Sunak has been warned that thousands of hairdressers, driving instructors, musicians, retailers and events organisers will lose their livelihoods unless he extends the self-employed bailout scheme. A new survey given to The Sun exposes how self-employed workers are significantly more likely to work in industries that will be shut the longest. ⚠️ Read our […]

Thousands of motorists could join in a legal battle and sue Mercedes

Thousands of motorists could join in a legal battle and sue Mercedes over the diesel emissions test ‘cheating’ scandal  Two law firms in the UK are said to be investigating the possibility of bringing a group case in the High Court against the German company  The case against Mercedes is set to concentrate on claims […]

Thousands of commuters gear up to return to work on Underground

Tubes will STILL only be running at 20% of pre-coronavirus crisis levels on Monday despite expected huge increase in passenger numbers as Sadiq Khan hints he will rely on ‘strict queues’ and experts suggest increasing fares London transport could be overwhelmed by demand when lockdown is eased  Mounting fears over sudden rush of commuters if PM […]

Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters swarm to Huntington Beach

Cops in tense stand-off with thousands of protesters demanding California beaches are reopened after Gov. Gavin Newsom’s shut them down to contain coronavirus Between 2,500 and 3,000 anti-lockdown protesters assembled on the boardwalk at Huntington Beach Friday They were angered by Gov. Newsom’s announcement Thursday that Orange County beaches would be closed It came after […]