'My 600-Lb Life' Episodes Removed From Hulu, Fans Are Livid

My 600-Lb Life has a dedicated fanbase, thanks in part to Dr. Now, the bariatric surgeon who assists patients in need. However, that same fanbase is starting to feel burned as TLC begins transitioning seasons of the show away from Hulu, and towards Discovery+. In fact, some are saying they don’t intend to pay for […]

'Sister Wives': Robyn Brown Dragged on Twitter for Being a Hypocrite

Robyn Brown isn’t a fan favorite on Sister Wives. Kody Brown’s fourth and no legal wife has drawn the ire of fans in the past. Her recent comments following the season 15 finale have been highly controversial, too. The mother of five took to Twitter to claim that she was thinking about the kids when she […]

'Extreme Sisters' Brittany & Briana on Double Wedding & Twin Husbands

Extreme Sisters’ Brittany and Briana, double up on everything, so it’s no surprise that these twins had a double wedding as they married their twin husbands. The show, which premieres this Sunday, will follow five of the “most obsessive and inseparable sibling relationships” between five sets of sisters, including Brittany and Briana. The TLC stars talked to […]

'My 600-Lb Life': Dr. Now Has Faced Multiple Malpractice Accusations

My 600-Lb Life star Dr. Now is beloved by fans of the show. The popular bariatric surgeon is well-known for his unwillingness to accept excuses, blame, or any nonsense from the participants on the show. However, as much as fans and some participants may love Dr. Now, the star has faced some controversy. Specifically, several […]

'Return to Amish' Season 6 Cast Members Revealed

The hit TLC Breaking Amish spinoff, Return to Amish, is back with Season 6. That means that viewers can expect a bevy of new drama among the Return to Amish cast, some of whom will be recognizable faces. However, there are also some new cast members joining the franchise — two younger Amish hoping to […]

'1000-lb Sisters' Fans Want Tammy Slaton to Get Help From Dr. Now

Tammy Slaton knows she needs to lose weight. In the emotional season 2 finale of 1000-lb Sisters, she opened up about the challenges she faced during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and her struggle to get motivated to change her lifestyle. Tammy’s health challenges have her family- — and viewers — concerned. Some of the show’s […]

'1000-Lb Sisters': How Old Are Tammy and Amy Slaton in 2021?

TLC is home to plenty of reality TV series unlike any other — and in 2020, fans met Tammy and Amy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters. The show follows the sisters as they got through daily life and face challenges associated with their size. Fans certainly love the Slaton sisters and can’t wait to see more […]