'Vikings': Fans Reveal Their 'Favorite Character' in the Series

There are so many characters in the hit series Vikings. Obviously, many fans have different opinions when it comes to their “favorite character” in the show. Fans once weighed in with their own thoughts on the matter, and they didn’t hold back. Fans reveals their ‘favorite character’ in the series ‘Vikings’ In 2016, a fan on Reddit posted […]

'Virgin River': Fans Are Convinced Paige Is Already Dead

Netflix‘s Virgin River is based on Robyn Carr’s beloved book series of the same name. At its core, the drama series chronicles the love story between Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), the town’s nurse and Jack (Martin Henderson), the town’s bar owner. Still, despite the love dovey moments, Virgin River is also full of drama and intrigue. […]

'Stargate Atlantis': Why Was Torri Higginson Written Off the Show?

Stargate Atlantis fans were in for a shock when Dr. Weir was written off of the show during Season 4 — especially given Torri Higginson’s excellent job in the role. She was eventually replaced in part by Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter and also by Robert Picardo as Woolsey. So when it comes down to […]

'Star Trek': Leonard Nimoy Invented the 'Vulcan Nerve Pinch'

Vulcans: They are known for their logic, refraining from emotions, and experiencing their sex drive only once every seven years. They are also known for having their own greeting, mind-melds, and a knockout nerve pinch — which was first portrayed by the original and best-known Vulcan, Commander Spock (Leonard Nimoy). In the original Star Trek TV […]