'Bewitched': 10 Facts That Will Surprise Even the Biggest Fans

Bewitched was one of the most famous TV shows of the 1960s, however, not everyone knows what went on behind-the-scenes. The show had a very simple concept: It was about a witch who was also a housewife. However, the creators of the show involved everything from classic movies to the Bible to Greek mythology. The […]

Joe Biden Once Had a Gig on a Popular Kids' Game Show in the '90s

Most politicians have dabbled in activities that go beyond the scope of their duties, and that includes U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. Some, such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, have made appearances in television and film productions. While the public may be used to seeing Biden behind a podium, he joins a list of presidents […]

'Stranger Things': 3 Reasons Why Season 4 Is Probably the End of the Series

Fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth season of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, Stranger Things, which has been facing production delays just like the rest of Hollywood. As of late 2020, the cast was back on set and working while taking proper precautions, meaning a release later in 2021 is still possible. Meanwhile, diehard followers are […]

'Peyton Place': A Real Small Town New England Murder Inspired the Story

Chilling thrillers that come out of the depths of the creative minds of the writers who pen these harrowing tales have long been a fascination for people seeking hair-raising suspense. What makes these tales even more terrifying, however, is when the inspiration comes not from the fictional realm but from real life. As investigative journalism […]

'Call Me Kat': Should You Watch the New Fox Comedy Show?

New Fox comedy TV show Call Me Kat has graced television screens on Thursday nights, giving content-hungry viewers something new to latch onto amid the Coronavirus pandemic, in which new television and movies have been scarce. The show stars The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik and is produced by her former co-star Jim Parsons. Call […]