UK terrorist who stabbed 2 people after prison release vowed to kilI the Queen

More On: terrorism Taliban members are reportedly running chatrooms on Clubhouse US launches first airstrike in Somalia under Biden Pentagon transfers first detainee of Biden admin out of Guantanamo Inside the elite NYPD unit cops call during the city’s worst disasters A British terrorist who stabbed two people just 10 days after being released from […]

Michael Gove says UK government will not stand in the way of IndyRef2

Number 10 ‘will not stand in the way’ of a second Scottish independence referendum if it is ‘settled will’ of voters, says Michael Gove Michael Gove said Westminster would not stand in the way of IndyRef2 London has repeatedly rejected demands for powers necessary to hold vote  But Mr Gove has now said if the […]

Proposal for UK to build a jail in Albania 'welcomed'

Proposal for UK to build a jail in Albania to house foreign offenders and free up cells here is ‘welcomed’ by British ministers and the Balkan country’s justice secretary Proposal ‘welcomed’ at a bilateral meeting between UK and Albania ministers Came as the Government signed a new prisoner transfer agreement Albania Announcement declared Albania would […]

Google hit by £920million UK action over 'unfair and excessive' fees

Google hit by £920million legal action in the UK over ‘unfair and excessive’ charges on people using its Play Store The action seeks £920million on behalf of 19.5 million UK Android phone users It claims that Google unfairly charges people over purchases in its Play Store Follows a very similar action against Apple in May […]