50 Cute Pieces For Valentine's Day Under $50

Gap Funnel-Neck Print T-Shirt Since we’re all out and about less than usual, sometimes we miss the holiday indicators, like when the candy aisle at the pharmacy changes to pinks and reds around mid-January. Valentine’s Day will be here before we realize it, and because it was technically the last festive time for a lot […]

Kehlani Hints At Split With YG In ‘Valentine’s Day (Shameful)’

Just days after releasing Valentine’s Day collaboration “Konclusions” with her boyfriend YG, Kehlani dropped her own song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” the lyrics of which apparently point to their split again. Kehlani shared the song, produced by Axel Folie and The Rascals, on Twitter and streaming platform Sound Cloud on Monday. The R&B singer accuses YG […]

The Best Movies to Watch If You Are Single This Valentine's Day

Table for one, please! Today is Valentine’s Day, obviously. Between the heart-shaped chocolates, bouquets of flowers and mushy posts on Instagram, it’s impossible to ignore that love is in the air…for some people. If you are single (or, as Emma Watson would say, “self-partnered”) there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday, and one […]