Justin Bieber: I Was a Bad Boyfriend to Selena Gomez!

Recently, Selena Gomez opened up about how Justin Bieber was emotionally abusive during their lengthy, on-again off-again relationship. Now, Justin is talking about his life, his marriage, and admitting that yes, he was not an ideal boyfriend to Selena. Justin Bieber spoke to Apple Music about his new album, Changes. He also spoke about just […]

Our first holiday was a disaster – should we split?

Steph & Dom solve your sex, love & life troubles: Our first holiday was a disaster – should we split? Anonymous reader asked for advice on a disastrous holiday with her partner, 48 The 41-year-old said her boyfriend was driving her mad by the end of the week  Steph advised the reader to end the […]

'Doctor Who': Was The Thirteenth Doctor Rude To Graham? Fans Weigh In

Doctor Who recently featured a scene where Graham O’Brien confesses something to the Thirteenth Doctor. This scene had a variety of reactions from the sci-fi show’s fans, with some feeling that the Doctor could have been more sensitive to Graham’s feelings and some defending the Doctor’s response. The BBC even responded to the former group […]

Teacher who was quarantined reveals joy of returning home

My escape from ‘Camp Corona’: Teacher who was in Wuhan during the coronavirus outbreak before being quarantined with 82 others in Merseyside reveals his joy at ripping his mask off to breathe after toasting being cleared of the illness with cider Ben Pinkerton, 23, was working for Education First language company in Wuhan He was […]