What was found in Yolanda Saldívar's room?

THE tragic tale of Latino singer Selena Quintanilla will forever be etched in the memories of her loyal fans around the world. The singer was just 23-years-old when she was cruelly murdered by a woman who claimed to be her friend and employee, Yolanda Saldívar. What was found in Yolanda Saldívar's room? Saldívar had run […]

Who was Colorado Springs shooter Teodoro Macias?

THE gunman involved in the massacre at a Colorado birthday party on May 9, 2021 has been identified as Teodoro Macias Jr. But who is the Teodoro Macias Jr and what happened in Colorado Springs?Here’s the latest. Who is Teodoro Macias? Teodoro Macias has been named as the suspected shooter that killed multiple people, including […]

GOP Rep.: What was Kerry doing on ‘taxpayer-funded world tour?’

More On: john kerry Concerns John Kerry downplayed China human rights abuses to deal on climate To come back from COVID, NYC needs to tackle crime: Goodwin Iranian foreign minister issues mea culpa over leaked John Kerry comments Letters to the Editor — May 2, 2021 A member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs […]

Rachel Riley was libelled by a former Corbyn staffer, High Court hears

Rachel Riley was libelled by ex-Jeremy Corbyn aide with tweet that ‘incited hate’ and caused a Twitter ‘pile on’, as Countdown star tells court ‘the Labour Party was fostering antisemitism’ Rachel Riley claims a tweet published by Laura Murray caused her serious harm Murray’s tweet accused her of saying ‘Corbyn deserves to be violently attacked’ […]

Who was Adele's father Mark Evans?

ADELE'S father Mark Evans has passed away at the age of 57, it was revealed on Monday. But the 33-year-old singer's relationship was not the most pleasant, having grown up without her dad in the picture. Who was Mark Evans? Although Adele has often been estranged from her father, a source told The Sun that […]

Who was Tristyn Bailey and how did she die?

THE BODY of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey has been found after a 16-hour search. The St.Johns County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 14-year-old and charged him with 2nd-degree murder in connection with Tristyn's death. Who is Tristyn Bailey and how did she die? Tristyn was last seen in St. Johns, Florida, on Sunday morning after being reported […]

My husband was the one who cheated – but I still regret our split

LIKE Louise Redknapp – who recently revealed her sadness at not salvaging her marriage to ex-husband Jamie – these three women wish they’d fought harder to save their relationships. Here, Maxine Clancy, 53, Lorna Brown, 56, and Ali March, 46, share their reasons for regretting their divorces. ‘My husband was the one who cheated – […]