Maxine Waters responds to Chauvin being found guilty on all counts

‘I’m not celebrating, I’m relieved’: Maxine Waters reacts to Chauvin’s guilty verdicts as she avoids House censure over trial comments McCarthy called Waters’ comments ‘beneath the dignity of this institution’  The move set up a privileged vote  Democrats moved immediately to table it  Waters chaired a House banking committee hearing on Tuesday House Speaker Nancy […]

Waters' history defending violence: From LA riots to George Floyd

Maxine Waters’ history of defending violence: Democrat called the deadly 1992 LA riots a ‘rebellion’ and told her supporters to confront Trump cabinet members in the street Maxine Waters was in Minnesota Saturday evening, saying demonstrators need to ‘get more active, more confrontational’ in rioting during Derek Chauvin trial Republicans claim Waters is ‘inciting violence’ […]

What is Maxine Waters' net worth?

DEMOCRATIC rep Maxine Waters has come under fire from republicans claiming she is “encouraging riots. The criticism has come after theCalifornia Democratic congresswoman urged an anti-police Black Lives Matter mob in Minnesota to "stay on the street" and "get confrontational". So who is the outspoken rep and what is her net worth? Who is Maxine […]

Must See: Bed On Water’s Femmewear Collection 1 Pulls

Shanel Campbell’s latest collection for Bed On Water borrows from an array of reference points: afro-futurism, spirituality, and even the designer’s own personal baggage, to name a few. With just a first glance at the brand’s Femmewear Collection 1 presented during Fashion Week, the multidimensionality is omnipresent. The lookbook presentation for Femmewear Collection 1 is […]

‘Muddies the waters’: QC says Porter can’t form integrity body while facing rape accusation

One of Australia’s most respected anti-corruption lawyers says Attorney-General Christian Porter should not have responsibility for establishing a Commonwealth Integrity Commission while he is facing an unresolved rape allegation. Former Queensland Criminal Justice Commission director Mark Le Grand, QC, said the flaws inherent in the proposed Commonwealth anti-corruption body, particularly the special protections it offers […]

Rep. Maxine Waters denies encouraging violence against Republicans

More On: Maxine Waters Rep. Waters wants Redditor behind GameStop frenzy to testify at hearing House and Senate announce hearings over GameStop trading saga Congresswoman’s daughter collected $240K from mom’s campaign Congresswoman intervenes when police detain black man Rep. Maxine Waters is defending her fiery rhetoric ahead of reports that former President Trump’s lawyers will […]

Maxine Waters slammed for ‘claiming Herman Cain died of COVID because he attended Trump rally without wearing a mask’

REP Maxine Waters has been slammed for claiming Herman Cain died of COVID-19 because he attended Trump rally without wearing a mask. Waters made the unsubstantiated claim at the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis in Washington DC on Friday. The congresswoman was commenting on the mounting partisan tensions, highlighting the fact that the virus was not "democrat or republican. […]

Maxine Waters intervenes when LAPD detains black man

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) was driving around her Los Angeles district when she noticed police detaining a black man – so she stopped to keep them in check, according to a report. “They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing,” Waters, 81, tells a person who recorded the Friday incident […]