Wayne Rooney tests NEGATIVE for coronavirus but still has to isolate

Wayne Rooney tests NEGATIVE for coronavirus but is ‘angry and disappointed’ at still having to isolate for 14 days with his family after being visited by a friend who was later found to have tested positive for COVID-19 Derby’s Wayne Rooney was visited by friend Josh Bardsley to give him a watch  The friend was […]

Wayne Gallman embracing what could be his last Giants chance

It’s déjà vu with a twist for Wayne Gallman. One year ago, an early-season injury to Saquon Barkley opened a door for Gallman, who answered the call at first, but strangely was buried on the bench for the final five games. Now, another injury to Barkley has created another opportunity for Gallman just as he […]

Wayne Lineker, 58, says haters 'mean absolutely nothing' to him

Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne, 58, insists video of him pushing girls who work at his Ibiza club into the pool in date stunt was met with ‘75% love’ and says he’s ‘not going anywhere’ Wayne Lineker, 58, has responded to video which sparked outrage online  Told how he was trending on Twitter with ’75 percent […]