‘Erotic weight gainer’ eats 10,000 calories per day for fans

He’s XXXL-rated. A 500-pound Florida man has gobbled his way to fat fetishist fame online by eating 10,000 calories per day to maintain his massive, round gut. “It’s a challenge,” said Bryan, nicknamed Gainer Bull, who consumes three large combo meals and at least three sides per meal — amounting to four times the standard […]

Weighing Kids At School After Lockdown is Actually a Horrible Idea

A viral tweet about weighing kids at school after lockdown is making the rounds, and we should all completely ignore it. Jeremy Vine, a British TV presenter, recently tweeted about schools weighing children “to make sure they shift the pounds they've put on during lockdown.” (If UK schools reopen, of course.)   But once we […]

10 Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Trainers Want You to Stop Believing

Thanks to diet culture, the fitness industry is filled with misinformation about what it takes to be truly healthy. And with many gyms still closed (and some exercisers opting not to use gyms in places where they are open), more people than ever are creating their own workouts, trying virtual fitness classes, and using home […]

Why the secret to weight loss is having an organised PANTRY

Sports teacher, 43, reveals why the secret to lasting weight loss is having an organised PANTRY – as she shares a look inside her own home setup PE teacher Belinda Norton said having an organised pantry is key to good health The 43-year-old said changing hers up has transformed her family nutrition Belinda said she […]

Weight issues increase chances of developing dementia by more than 30%

Obese over-50s face dementia timebomb: Weight issues increase chances of developing the disease by more than 30%, research suggests The risk was highest of all in women with abdominal obesity, a study showed   Two in three adults and one in three children are now overweight or obese  Researchers say healthier lifestyles could reduce the burden […]

This is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss goal

Actor and comedian Rebel Wilson has starred in many hits, including Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and the comedy series, Pizza. Although these accomplishments would be satisfying enough for many people, Wilson is always itching to achieve more. “I always believed I would be rich and successful even as a very young child, and I would say […]