Undertaker, 50, who ripped off grieving families is jailed

Undertaker, 50, who ripped off grieving families by leaving bodies to decompose and talking about her love life when asked about coffins and florals wreaths is jailed for two years Sharon Howell from Uppermill, Greater Manchester ripped off grieving families The undertaker took thousands of pounds from families for bungled burials She has been jailed […]

Acting coach who raped and sexually assaulted young girls jailed

Acting coach, 38, who raped and sexually assaulted young girls who attended his theatre group is jailed for 16 years Acting coach jailed for 16 years after using his drama classes to rape young girls  Christopher Lynch, 38, was convicted of 11 sexual offences in court today Northampton Crown Court heard his victims were between […]

A man who suffered 70 per cent burns in a fire is glad it happened

Recovering addict, 30, says suffering 70% burns in a caravan fire while he was homeless is the ‘best thing that’s ever happened’ after getting clean and finding love with friend who gave him money when he was on the streets Reece Chesterfield, 30, was sleeping in his caravan when he caught on fire The fire […]

Who is Ed Balls’ wife Yvette Cooper? – The Sun

LABOUR MP Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls have been married for more than twenty years, and made history back in 2008 when they became the first married couple to serve together in the cabinet. He's since moved on from politics, but Yvette is still a serving MP. Here's everything we know about her… Who is […]

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband Scott Borgerson? – The Sun

GHISALINE Maxwell continues to conceal who she is secretly married to, say American prosecutors. Evidence, however, points to this secret husband being millionaire tech company CEO Scott Borgerson, who has continued to be linked to Maxwell. Here's all you need to know. Who is Scott Borgerson? Born in 1976, Scott Borgerson is the CEO of […]

13 Stars Who Surprised Their Families With New Homes

“It’s every kid’s dream to buy their mom and dad a house. It was a bucket-list thing for me.” For many people, there’s no better feeling than giving back to their family, and for celebrities, they often get to do that in a big way. And when they go big, they go all out. After […]