Probe after man and woman found dead in listed Suffolk house

Man and woman are found dead in £500,000 listed 18th century Suffolk townhouse as police launch probe into ‘sudden’ deaths of pair who knew each other  Emergency services called to Cumberland Street, Woodbridge on Saturday  Officers said couple were ‘known to each other’ and there was no wider threat  Up-market Georgian town named as the […]

Woman reveals how she transformed her body in just FOUR weeks

Woman, 23, reveals the exact diet and exercise regime she followed to build a muscular bum in seven months after years of battling ‘eating issues’ – and it involves seven small meals a day Amelia Goldsmith, 23, from Berkshire, felt pressure to be thin as a dancer   She began eating 2,800 calories per day after […]

Woman spends up to 40 minutes applying her DOG's fake nails

Dog owner who spends 40 minutes applying her Chihuahua’s fake nails is flooded with requests from other owners to do the same – but critics argue it’s ‘animal abuse’ Maritza Rubalcava, 25, from California, is the owner of Coco the chihuahua, five  She has gone viral on TikTok for sharing Coco wearing fake nails on […]

Woman with world’s longest nails cuts them off after nearly 30 years

More On: guinness world records ‘Amazing’ man breaks record by watching ‘Avengers’ more times than you can imagine Strongman buried in 600 lbs. of ice for nearly three hours Freddy, the world’s tallest dog, dies at age 8 Hula hooper hits record with her hypnotic hiney It was time for a major manicure for a […]

How a woman tracked down her cousin's killer on MySpace

I tracked down my cousin’s killer on MySpace: How woman helped solve murder of her 24-year-old relative by ‘acting’ as her online to make suspects ‘fall in love’ and reveal their dark secrets Netflix’s new true crime documentary ‘Why Did You Kill Me?’ details how Crystal Theobald’s family used social media to find her murderers  […]

Woman knocks out her teeth after getting drunk on bottomless mimosas

One mimosa, two mimosa, three mimosa, FLOOR! Drunk woman, 26, knocks out her front TEETH in a gory accident after a rowdy bottomless brunch Autumn Cathey, from Delaware, shared a TikTok video of herself getting progressively drunk on mimosas while enjoying brunch with family and friends  The hairstylist records herself ‘after seven mimosas’ and is […]