Wife, 84, writes 45 love letters to husband during coronavirus crisis

Devoted wife, 84, writes 45 love letters to her hospitalised husband, 90, after being barred from visiting him during coronavirus lockdown Granny Huang in China penned the touching letters during a 55-day lockdown Her husband, grandpa Sun, was hospitalised last year due to respiratory failure She waited by the ICU daily to give the letter and […]

PM writes to every home urging people to stay in to fight coronavirus

‘I urge you, please, to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives’: Boris Johnson writes letter to every home in Britain warning ‘things will get worse before they get better’ as he calls on public to obey coronavirus lockdown The estimated cost of Boris Johnson’s letter project is estimated at £5.8million It is […]

Millie Bobby Brown Writes Emotional Instagram Post: 'Change Needs to Happen'

Millie Bobby Brown, one of Stranger Things‘ brightest stars, just turned 16 years old. Ever since she was a child, the actress has struggled with bullying, internet trolls, and tabloid headlines. While Bobby Brown is killing it, career-wise, she, like anyone, struggles with the constant media attention. For her 16th birthday, the Netflix star wrote a long […]

Gay dad Richie Jackson writes the book he wishes he had growing up

When Richie Jackson was a young gay man finding his way at New York University in the early 1980s, the AIDS crisis had started and the gay community was marginalized: Gay bars had tinted windows; gay books and magazines were bagged in brown paper. “We were outlaws, renegades, free but oppressed, silenced, scorned, scolded,” he […]