New York just went deeper blue — and we’ll all pay the price

Awful news: What seemed like a strong Republican showing in state Senate races has washed away in a sea of mail-in ballots. Democrats have won a veto-proof “supermajority” in the chamber, to go with a similarly dominant hand in the Assembly. Rob Astorino’s concession Tuesday to Sen. Peter Harckham makes it official. It wasn’t entirely […]

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard Reveals Some Exciting Relationship News

Tiffany “New York” Pollard just announced some exciting relationship news… she’s engaged! The long-running reality TV star and meme queen of the internet has spent a lot of her adult life searching for love, and often to the delight of her fans who have watched her on Flavor of Love (parts one and two) and I Love New York. Now, […]

New York Sheriffs break up underground swingers sex club in Queens

These probably weren’t the busts they’d expected. An underground swingers sex party was broken up overnight in Queens for violating pandemic gathering restrictions, the New York City Sheriff’s Office announced. Caligula, which bills itself on Facebook as a “private upscale on premise swingers club” in Astoria, was caught hosting more than 80 people, bumping loud […]

Giant New York rats overtaking Central Park and the UWS

Rat school is in session as fed-up New Yorkers try to learn how to deal with a surging rodent population. Rats as big as bunnies are roaming the streets in broad daylight, nesting in trees and chewing through car engine wires that can cost thousands to fix. And there are so many that residents are […]

Tiny owl found in New York Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree

A tiny owl found in the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree has been rescued after stowing away for days. The saw-whet owl was found on the branches of the tree during the 170 mile trip from Oneonta, New York, to New York City. Among the 75ft spruce’s spines was the diminutive owl, who has since been […]

New York voters said no to the local progressive agenda

New York voted strongly for Joe Biden this election — yet rejected a lot of other Democrats. In legislative and congressional races, Republicans look set to make significant gains. Final results will take a week or more to come in, but Empire State voters plainly aren’t buying anti-cop and pro-tax policies. On Staten Island, Assemblywoman […]