Zion Williamson responds to the weight criticisms: ‘A blessing’

Zion Williamson isn’t about to start stressing about NBA pundits and critics who say he needs to lose some weight if he wants to have a long, productive NBA career. In a podcast interview with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Williamson said he has heard critiques of his conditioning his entire life. “There’s really no comparison to […]

Zion Williamson lives up to the hype in NBA debut

NEW ORLEANS — In terms of social justice and NBA TV ratings, Zion delayed is Zion denied. On Wednesday night — 216 days after New Orleans Pelicans fans anointed him a teenage messiah capable of leaping chasms of hype in a single bound, Zion finally delivered with a spectacular explosion in his NBA debut. After […]

Zion Williamson’s heartbreak: He wanted Knicks before shocker

Zion Williamson may have been more heartbroken than Knicks fans. The wunderkind Duke phenom was “quickly whisked” out of the NBA draft lottery room in Chicago after the New Orleans Pelicans shockingly stole the No. 1 pick, according to ESPN. The outlet reported Williamson had been rooting for the Knicks to win his namesake sweepstakes, […]