100 year old WW2 pilot says UK and US should ‘crush Taliban enemy’ or not ‘get involved’

Good Morning Britain welcomed Colin Bell, a 100-year-old RAF Pathfinder pilot who served in World War II to discuss his new book. Presenter Richard Bacon was keen to find out the veteran’s view on the current conflict which has been dominating headlines and Colin said unless there is the “intent to win” a war and “crush the enemy” the military should not be” getting involved in a fight”. 

Richard asked: “Looking at what’s happening in the world today, how do you feel about it?” 

Colin replied: “Well, it may not be a popular view, but obviously you’ve got Afghanistan in mind… I don’t believe ever getting involved in a fight unless you’re intent on winning it. 

“If you’re not intent on winning it, you ought never to be there in the first place. 

“And that frankly, is my view,” he continued. “If I had control of the situation, which of course, I haven’t, I would’ve either not gone in or I would’ve gone in with such massive force that I would’ve crushed the enemy. 

When I say ‘us,’ it really means the United States because we haven’t got that capability.” 

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