A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton 'devastated' as couple flat out refuse to view 'stunning' property

A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton looked devastated last night when a couple flat out refused to view a "stunning" property.

The property expert was dumbfounded when the husband-and-wife, who wanted to swap the UK for Dordogne countryside in France, refused to even enter the house.

Laura’s previous selections didn’t go down well either, but the couple labelled a three bed house with a pool a "nightmare" as they stood on the drive.

Laura, 38, told them: "I wanted to bring you to a property you said it had to have one or the other, either the pool and you were happy with a bit of work. We're here because this has the pool and the house itself is a bit of a project for you.

"This is the house, let me tell you what you're looking at. It's three bedrooms and it's currently on the market just under £157,000."

Scottish Karen shot back: "No. No. It's not a patch on the previous house.

"And this is my nightmare. People are overlooking you. When you look here there seems to be hill walkers looking at your garden at regular intervals."

Karen's husband agreed and added: "I think even if this was perfect inside, it wouldn't be for us."

Viewers on Twitter didn't take kindly to their stubborn attitude.

One said: "Ain’t seen inside yet love! 😢"

One more remarked: "Bloody hell, how is Laura supposed to know what property will 'feel' right to them #APlaceInTheSun"

Another said: "I’d refuse to help him just for those trousers alone #APlaceInTheSun"

Laura went back to filming A Place In The Sun just weeks after giving birth.

The A Place in the Sun presenter recently opened up about how just three weeks after giving birth she returned to work and struggled to cover up her leaking breast milk.

The telly presenter, said she had to then fill in show bosses as to what was happening because she could no longer hide the stains on her dress.

Hamilton is mum to Rocco, seven, and Tahlia, five, and has hosted the popular Channel 4 show which helps couple relocate to new homes abroad.

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