A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton opens up on her Instagram troll hell

A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton has opened up on her Instagram troll hell that caused her to suffer a panic attack earlier this year.

The TV star's husband was forced to call an ambulance when she couldn't breathe after reading keyboard warriors' vile messages about her family's café, Lord Roberts On The Green.

Laura has refused to be bullied off social media following the traumatic incident but has found a way to cope with negative comments.

"I try not to read too many of the comments (on Instagram), but I do like to respond to people if they’re like ‘where is your dress from?’," she told The Sun.

"Everyone likes to hear a nice compliment. If you’re out on the street and someone says ‘I like your dress’, of course it makes you feel good.

"Everyone wants to read nice things rather than negative things."

The presenter added: "Sometimes when there’s inappropriate comments I’m like ‘eugh I don’t need to read that’ and a lot of the time I delete them, and the same with any negative stuff.

"If you haven’t got something nice to say, don’t say it."

Mum-of-two Laura has been a supporter of charity Action for Children, which helps vulnerable young people and their families in the UK, for the best part of a decade.

She is backing its Boycott Your Bed campaign alongside the likes of magician Dynamo and Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice.

Taking place on Friday, the event requires participants to think of, and sleep in, the most unusual place possible.

Once signed up they can then enjoy a night of virtual entertainment including live magic, a Horrible Histories themed quiz, a dance masterclass and even a bedtime story from Laura. 

The whole night will be hosted by Towie's Lydia Bright and singer Jake Quickenden.

Laura said: "I think it's a great fundraiser. I love the idea.

"Over my years of travel I've slept in some weird and wacky places: a beach in Sri Lanka, with Bedouin monks in a tent in Morocco, I grew up camping and caravanning with my mum and dad. It's great for people to be creative and have fun with it.

Visit boycottyourbed for more information.

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