Alana Milne Responds to Bullying After Last Night's Messy 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Truly don’t know how things keep getting more and more messy on Bachelor in Paradise, but last night was a LOT. In case you haven’t had time to sit down and watch two hours of other peoples’ relationship drama play out on a gorgeous beach just yet, a quick recap:

Alana Milne showed up in Paradise and *immediately* made a connection with Chris—which a) Jessenia wasn’t thrilled about b) had everyone convinced they were dating ahead of Paradise and only joined the show to grow their Instagram followers. In fact, the entire group ended up confronting Chris and Alana about their relationship, and they left the beach.

These two have been getting a lot of backlash from unimpressed fans in Bachelor Nation, and Alana in particular has been on the receiving end of some completely not okay bullying. She released a statement on Instagram, saying “if you’re one of the many continuing to direct send me hate, please stop.”

“I didn’t have a plan or a pre existing relationship with Chris going into Paradise. I really was just excited to experience it, like everyone else there. the messages I continue tor receive are quite hurtful.” She went on to ask people to realize “you’re sending hateful messages to a real human being” and that everyone “saw a short edited version of me on a TV show.”

Read Alana’s full message below:

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